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“All of my children have been attending Mona Montessori for over 3 years now. The school is always kept clean. The staff is very kind and sweet. This school has made a difference especially with my oldest who is in elementary now and he’s ranked above average for his grade level. It’s an amazing school. I highly recommend them. ”
- Samantha Mireles
"Both my kids have been attending Mona Montessori for the last 1 year. All the teachers are great. The owner Ms. Pam is very sweet and she went above and beyond to make sure that my kids were comfortable when they first joined. We highly recommend Mona Montessori."
- Nisa Rajan
"Great childcare! We use Mona Montessori for their half-day toddler program M-F. They have great staff and owners, a lovely facility and lots of fun activities throughout the year. We could not be happier with our choice. Absolutely recommend!"
- Mark Young
"What a lovely place! My two year old really enjoys going here and smiles when I tell him it is time to go (most days at least —haha! He’s still a toddler!). This family run center feels very warm and welcoming. I had good vibes the first day I walked in. They do a great job to care for each child that comes through their doors. They have fun activities throughout summer and the year which makes for a lot of memories for the kids. I definitely recommend!"
- Emi Lou
"This Montessori is amazing in every aspect. My child absolutely loved going here before he transferred to elementary school. The teachers are attentive, nurturing, and knowledgeable. He was already reading and writing 3-4 letter words and doing addition even before he began kindergarten. Miss. Muneera and Miss. Rozina were not only great teachers, but loving caregivers as well. Also, The administrative staff listens to your concerns and makes accommodations when necessary to address your child’s needs. My son loved going here and still talks about how much he misses his teachers! I highly recommend this place!”
- Nish Khan
"My two daughters have been coming to Mona’s for two years now and absolutely love it! I highly recommend this day care. My girls have learned and grown so much in the past two years! The staff is amazing and has been around for 15+ years.. that says alot about a facility. Highly recommend!"
- Barbosa Matthieu
"My daughter loved her time at Mona Montessori. She attended for several months. The only reason we changed care centers was due to the fact that they were a bit far from us and it made more sense to switch to a different location once she started public school instead of full time care. She has been asking to go back and visit her old teachers! They are so nice and willing to work with you during hard times and any situations that my effect your child. I also noticed once she changed to this care center that her learning seemed to EXPLODE! She meshed well with such an open environment, which is a big selling point of Montessori style education. The classrooms are also very beautiful and always clean. I should also mention they are so affordable! Great prices for the area and care given."
- Aspen Waldrip
"I have had all of my children at Mona and have loved it. They teach the kids where they are and help them improve their knowledge with play. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for good, quality childcare."
- Mary Patton
"I love Mona Montessori, I don’t even know where to begin. First off the facility is always impeccably clean& smelling fresh. The teachers are so awesome with the kids and genuinely love what they do. That’s not including the amount of experience they have in teaching & being at this facility. My children love coming to Mona and since they’ve been going here the last couple weeks full time they’ve learned so much. I am literally amazed by their growth already. Since Covid-19 they’re really diligent about following CDC guidelines & I love the small class sizes. Lastly, Mrs. Pam is a true GEM, she is truly a blessing. I am so grateful that I picked this location for my children to attend, BEST decision of my life. Thank you Mona Montessori for all your hard work, dedication, and love you all exude to our children & the parents."
- Tika Adams
"I highly recommend Mona Montessori in Carrollton. The staff is professional and caring. I am greeted with a smile from everyone I meet every day. There is a positive atmosphere throughout the school and the teachers genuinely care for my grandson. They have high expectations for him in his work and he is held accountable for always doing his best. His teacher, is very experienced and has inspired a love of learning in him. He is soaring in his work and he knows he is loved. Although the facility is not fancy or new, it is always clean and there is pride in its appearance. I love the diversity among the students and staff. I only wish we had found them years ago!"
- Charlotte Moellering
"Our daughter attended Mona Montessori Carrollton from age 21 months to 5+ years. Next week is her last at Mona and it feels bittersweet. Every teacher she had has played a pivotal role in shaping her and preparing her for Kindergarten. I especially want to mention Ms Rozina.. words cannot express my THANKS. I very strongly recommend Mona Montessori. You known your child will be taken care of, ZERO WORRIES."
- Rupali Banerjee
"Miss Pam I just want to say I love your school you promised I would and it was true. My daughter's teacher Miss Maria is so wonderful. My daughter loves going to school she is not even two years old and she is using the potty and never wants to leave when I come to pick her up. Miss Maria always greets me with a smile and I know that she take excellent care my my daughter, My son is about to be 4 and is in Miss Vasu's class. What impressed me most about her is the authority that she has coupled with love. Being a single mom I know that my son needs disciple and love miss Vasu gives him both. He loves going to school and I have also seen a drastic improvement in his behavior since he started here. I am grateful to both teachers and every other teacher that take care of my two babies they all are wonderful. I recommend this school to anyone."
- Abigail Siebert
"My daughter, Kennedy attended Mona Montessori from the ages of 2-4. Mona Montessori truly provided a solid foundation for her to enter her primary educational years. The individualized curriculum allowed her to learn, grow, and excel at assigned tasks. The teachers made learning fun while maintaining a structured environment. I am confident in her future based upon the skills she acquired at Mona Montessori. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Kim Nash
"My son has been going since he was 7 weeks old. He is now 2 and we love it. Every teacher is kind, compassionate, and experienced. They don't have all the bells and whistles some of the newer daycares do, but they are a secure facility and you can't beat the love and attention they show each child. I would enthusiastically recommend for any family."
- Sarah Sprinkle
"I’ve had my one year old come here from October 2020 till now April 2021. (He’ll be 2 in May) In these few months my child has improved sooo much! He’s very social, energetic and most of all HAPPY!! I cannot be any more pleased in this daycare. Not once has he come home with a rash or an injury. (Of course I cannot speak for any other children but my own)
I know my child... & he’s a handful you know, that kid that takes of when the door opens?.. yeah I’ve seen him do just that through the lobby cameras. Learning my goodness the best, so little side note my child is bilingual with Spanish being much more dominant. Well he did not talk more than 2 words when he 1st started in this daycare, now he’s super vocal in both languages. There are Spanish speaking teachers there who have helped Angel understand much more than he had in other daycares. With the stay at home sitters we had him with they treated him more like a pet they just fed. at the other daycare not sure what happened since he couldn’t talk but he was just so sad & would refuse to eat. That’s not the case at all here & I’m super happy that this place has been here for him! When I drop him off the kid does not even say goodbye to me he’s just so eager to get to he’s room lol Anyways over all this school is great, especially with the Covid situation I believe they are doing a great job trying to keep everyone safe."
- Yessica Ayala
"Mona monesstori is very good daycare and a learning center. Teachers and staff are excellent. My daughter started at 14month - preschool. Recommended to every parent."
- Salma Dagli
"My child loves this school and I am impressed by the amount of care and learning here. All the teachers I have met are wonderful and worth the 40 minute drive each way. My only complaint is that I chose this school in part because it was secular yet my child comes home saying prayers before meals and telling us teachers talk to them about god. I want my child's religious upbringing to be within the household, not the school. I have mentioned it twice at the school and each time I have been told it is no big deal, just non-denominational references to god. It is, in fact, a big deal and the only thing that makes me unhappy about our experience here. I would still recommend the school with that caveat."
- Cynthia Ross
"My 2 year old been here a few months and loves it here. The staff is so nice and loves the kids. She has learned so much and also is learning to use the potty."
- Spcteddi03
"I’ve been bringing my daughter here since she was 4 months old and Ms. Pam is always so sweet. She loves her teachers and the staff has always been so polite."
- Monique Garlock
"Love this school and all the teachers! I have been bringing my daughter since she was 6 months old and will keep her for as long as possible 😉."
- Briana Hernandez
"I am absolutely in love with the care they provide at this facility! I never feel worried for one second as I'm away from my children, they keep the environment safe and clean for my babies!"
- Cher R
"I love this place!!!My kids are learning some much and the staff very friendly. Everytime I come in their cleaning and it always smells good."
- Frederick Vines
"Very good school , Alexia loved all her teachers We are forever greatful."
- Catherine Kituu
"My daughter loved attending Mona Montessori!"
- Christine Tharian
"The best school I could’ve found my daughter loved it"
- Shawn Harp
"Affordable price, nice child care"
- Gregory Suvalian